There is increased awareness about the need of dog health among dog owners.  It is for this reason that vitamins are selling out so well, but it is of importance that as a dog owner to ensure that you get the right vitamins for your dog.  Vitamins are essential in addition to quality dog food.


In the past, pet owners would simply feed their pets with a few scoops of dog food a day, and that was that. But now people have come to realize that dry dog food is not enough. Ask a veterinarian, and he will confirm to you that in deed many dog health problems are somewhat related to their diet. Health issues like allergies, skin problems, and digestive problems can all be traced back to poor diet.


Most dry food constitutes low-grade ingredients that lack quality nutrients and vitamins. These foods have filler materials. Fillers are those materials that the dog cannot digest or are not normal for a dog to eat such as soy, corn, and wheat.


What you must note is that even the best dog food with human grade ingredients cannot offer that dog vitamins can. This is because pet food is processed with high heat to bake the food and sterilize it. The intense heat substantially destroys the vitamins in the food used to make the kibble. For more info about dogs, visit


There are numerous ways that you can ensure that your pet gets vitamins. One way is by giving them food that is rich in multivitamins. There are companies that specialize in processing multi vitamins for pets. These multivitamins are made with high-quality human foods and cold pressed, which maximizes the vitamin count in each wafer. These vitamins are good as they assist dogs with problems related to allergies, skin, and coat, as well as joints problems. Know about the best dog probiotics here!


You can also feed your dog with vitamin supplements. These are great in helping dogs that suffer from joint pain and arthritis.



When buying vitamins at for your pet, it is imperative that you select one that is of high quality. Low-quality vitamins are not made using the same process and may not provide great nutrition as the top quality brands. It is also wise to go with an all natural dog vitamin and avoid those that are chemically processed. Most chemical based vitamins come in a white pill so you can quickly identify this and avoid them.